3 Hour Food Safety Review


Need to know your doing everything right to keep your EHO happy, Book one of our 3 hour Food Safety Review.

We will come into your business and go through your current systems and documentation.

A report will be generated a score given and an action plan detailing any issues found and how to rectify.

Q&A Q1 How long are you on site?
A1 We spend 3 hours on site.
Q2 What do you need access too?
A2 We need access to all your policies, procedures and records.
Q3 What do you do during this visit?
A3 We look through your major policies, procedures and site standards to build a report of your current systems.
Q4 Do we get a report?
A4 You will receive a report, detailing your current standards, identifying any issues and discuss action plans.
Q5 Can we arrange additional support?
A5 Yes, we can discuss additional support after the initial visit.

You will be contacted within 24 hours of placing the order to confirm date of visit.

Price based on your business being located within 50 miles of CV9 2PD 
Over 50 mile and £0.45ppm will be charged.